Foreign Language Easter

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  • 51888 Italian Christian Easter Card, Lily, Cross, Buona...

    Italian Christian Easter, Yellow Buona Pasqua This golden yellow Christian Easter Card, written in the Italian language, shows the joy of Easter. A lily, merged with a cross represents in a beautiful way, the power of the the resurrection of Jesus over death.

  • 51889 Italian Easter Card Christ is Risen Cristo e Riso...

    Italian, Christ is Risen, Cristo e' Risorto – This is a photograph of the Risen Lord on the cross. Shades of pink and lavender, set off the risen Christ. He is Risen, Indeed, He is Risen, in Italian is written in a beautiful script and celebrates the joy at Easter.

  • 51890 Italian Easter Card, Flowers and Cross, Buona Pas...

    This is a digital drawing that is both elegant and simple, of a cross surrounded by flowers. The Italian expression Buona Pasqua – Happy Easter completes the front of the Italian Christian Easter Card.<br><br>