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A very beautiful religious collection with different themes. These elegant religious themes about God, spirituality and faith are perfect for different occasions.

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2679 50th Jubilee Priesthood Congratulations
Front: Blessings on your 50th Anniversary of PriesthoodInside Right: Joining you in grateful prayer as...
51660 Priest Thank You for Parish Service, Good Shepherd
Front: Thank you for Your Service to Our ParishInside: "I will give you shepherds after...
3764 Blessings to Priest New Assignment
Front: To a special Priest on your New AssignmentInside: We are thankful for your generous...
2682 Golden Jubilee, 50th Anniversary Religious Life for Nun, Candle and Cross
Front: 50th JUBILEE "May God's goodness and kindness be with you on this special day...
4144 Mary, Mother of God
Front: Holy Mary, Mother of GodInside Right: May Mary wrap you in her mantle and...
4457 Thank You Priest, Dogwood Blossom
Thank You Priest, Dogwood Blossom Card
51673 Ordination Priest Congratulations Angels at Altar
On this traditional card, angels are praying around the altar, as they are joining in...
4420 Priest 40th Anniversary Ordination Rose, Cross
Front: Blessings on your 40th Anniversary of OrdinationInside: May God continue to pour out His...
2686 Feast Day Rejoice
Front: It's Your Feast Day Rejoice!Inside Right: May God continue to show you His goodness...
52480 Diamond Jubilee, 75 Years as a Nun
Wish blessings on a Diamond Jubilee with 75 Years as a Nun in Religious Life...
4017 Priest, Mary and Jesus on Blue Christmas
This beautiful light blue card features Mary, and the infant baby Jesus. Perfect card to...
4013 Nativity Christmas For Priest
Christmas card for Catholic Priest with the Nativity scene.
3656 Priest Birthday Landscape
Front: Happy Birthday to a Special PriestInside Right: May this year be one of discovering...
4467 25th Jubilee Priest Cross
Front: Congratulations to a wonderful Priest on your 25th JubileeInside: May the celebration of your...
52456 St. Florian Protect Us, Catholic Saint, Firefighters
St. Florian, the patron saint of fire fighters is also considered a protector from danger...