Saints Pray for Us

This Saints Pray for Us collection is a very special one. Beautiful Christian designs with images of different saints like Saint Florian or Saint Catherine of Siena. Surprise a religious person with any of these sweet and spiritual cards.

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4144 Mary, Mother of God
Front: Holy Mary, Mother of GodInside Right: May Mary wrap you in her mantle and...
52456 St. Florian Protect Us, Catholic Saint, Firefighters
St. Florian, the patron saint of fire fighters is also considered a protector from danger...
52552 St. Jude Pray For Us
Beautiful image Created: circa 1619/1621 by Anthonis van Dyck.  Pray for the intercession of St....
52553 St. Michael Pray For Us
St. Michael is the beloved saint we turn to for protection. The archangel is the...
52441 St. Stephen Pray For Us
St. Stephen was one of the first deacons and the first Christian martyr. St. Stephen’s...
52546 St Rose of Lima Pray For Us
St. Rose of Lima is a beloved saint. A quote by St. Rose and her...
52547 St. Anthony of Padua Pray For Us
St. Anthony is seen holding the Christ Child. This replica of an old world painting...
52548 St. Catherine of Siena Pray For Us
This beautiful 19th century painting by an anonymous painter shows the spiritual beauty of St....
52549 St. Dominic Savio Pray For Us
Pray for the intercession of St. Dominic Savio, as you send this beautiful card to...
52550 St. George Pray For Us
Pray for the intercession of St. George. This stunning image of St. George is from a...
52551 St. Joseph Pray For Us
Our Beloved St. Joseph is the husband of our Blessed Mother, as well as known...
52554 St. Peter Keys to the Kingdom Pray For Us
St. Peter holds the keys to the kingdom and is depicted in this beautiful painting...
52457 St. Michael Blessings to New Police Officer
A black and white image of St. Michael is seen in the shape of a...