Relation Specific Valentine’s Day

Send Valentine's Day wishes to family and friends. Specific to relations such as grandmother or grandson, Mom and Dad to Husband or Wife you will find a selection of cards for specific relationships.

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3543 Niece Valentine Candy Hearts
Front: To a Special Niece, Valentine's Day and every day ...Inside: ... you're wished a...
3544 Granddaughter Valentine Candy Hearts
Front: To a special Granddaughter, Valentine's Day and every day ...Inside: ... you're wished a...
3545 Teacher Valentine Blocks of Hearts
Front: A Valentine Wish for a wonderful Teacher ...Inside: You've touched many hearts with your...
3546 Sister-in-Law Gerber Daisy Valentine
Front: To my Sister-in-Law The beauty within you...Inside: ... brings joy to those around you....
3547 Daughter Valentine Angel
Front: Daughter you're a special angelInside: You are loved very much ~ Happy Valentine's Day...
3548 Sister Valentine's Day Pink Daisy on Blue
Front: For a Special SisterInside: who is a lifelong friend. Happy Valentine's Day
3550 Wife Valentine Letter
Front: My Wife ~ My Love ...Inside: ... My All ~ Happy Valentine's Day to...
3551 Husband Valentine Writing in Sand
Front: My Husband on Valentines DayInside: In my simple way, I want to thank you...
3552 Mother-in-Law Red Valentine
Front: To a Dear Mother-in-Law on Valentine's DayInside: May joy blossom around you not only...
3553 Boyfriend Valentine Heart on Beach
Front: To my Boyfriend, Your love is very special to meInside: You add the color...
3554 Girlfriend Love You in Sand, Valentine
Front: To my Girlfriend on Valentine's Day ~ I love youInside: The words you read...
3555 Grandmother Valentine Heart Flowers
Front: To a Special Grandma on Valentine's DayInside: Wishing you a heart blooming with joy...
3556 Loving Wife on Valentine's Day
Front: To My Loving Wife ~ I love youInside: You bring so much meaning and...
3557 Husband Valentine Black
Front: My husband ...Inside: Will you be mine on Valentine's Day and forever?
3558 Wife Valentine Dogs
Front: To My Wife, A love like ours ...Inside: is meant to be. Happy Valentine's...