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A wonderful collection for people who love art and sports like musicians or gymnasts. Designs about movement, life and fun for occasions like Thanksgiving, birthdays or performances.

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3274 Angels Dance Birthday Country
Front: On your birthday ...Inside: ... leave room in your heart for angels to dance!...
3907 Stars in Heaven, Birthday
Front: Surely the stars must have danced in heaven on the day you were born!Inside:...
2704 Celtic Birthday Card, Dance, Sing, Live
Front: DANCE as if no one's watching, SING as if no one's listening, and LIVE...
52049 Dancing Star Congratulations
Dancing Star Congratulations Card
52484 Nun Christmas Vintage Angel in Red Blowing Horn
Christmas card for nun with Vintage Angel in Red Blowing Horn
3810 Blue and Pink Flapper Good Luck
Front: Some people dream of success ...Inside: while others wake up and work hard at...
3811 Yellow & Green Flapper, Musical
Front: Strive shoulder to shoulder and believe in each other.Inside: Keep working hard. It's all...
3813 Congratulations Roaring 20's Musical Performance
Front: Congratulations!Inside: It was a thoroughly great performance!
4132 Music Performance Congratulations
Front: The sound of music is in the air ...Inside: ... and it fills our...
3812 Dark Pink Purple Flapper, Musical
Front: It's time for opening night!Inside: Have a swingin' time and a bang-up performance!
4030 Piano Rose Anniversary
Front: Your love for each other is an inspiration.Inside: May your love continue to blossom...
4059 Musical Turn of the Century Ladies, St. Louis
Front: Break a leg ...Inside: ... as you sing and dance your way through the...
4060 Musical Meet Me in St. Louis Ferris Wheel
Front: Meet me at the fair ... CongratulationsInside: It was a wonderful and thrilling performance!...
4061 Meet Me in St. Louis, Street Car, Musical
Front: Enjoy the performance!Inside: Wishing you the best as you take your place in the...
4160 Birthday Green Notes
Front: Happy BirthdayInside: Wishing you a day filled with music and fun!