General Ordination Anniversary

Celebrate an ordination anniversary by choosing and sending one of these cards. They are general to accommodate any year and for any ordination. Designs with ornate crosses, crucifixes, landscapes, roses, illustrations of angels and more.

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2679 50th Jubilee Priesthood Congratulations
Front: Blessings on your 50th Anniversary of PriesthoodInside Right: Joining you in grateful prayer as...
2687 Ordination Anniversary Heaven & Earth
Front: On the Anniversary of your Ordination "Tell the heavens and earth to celebrate and...
4467 25th Jubilee Priest Cross
Front: Congratulations to a wonderful Priest on your 25th JubileeInside: May the celebration of your...
52235 50th Anniversary of Ordination, Gold Cross on Starburst
50th Anniversary of Ordination Card with a Gold Cross on Starburst
52214 50th Ordination Anniversary Gold Cross
50th Ordination Anniversary Card with Gold Cross
3849 Three Angels Anniversary of Ordination
Front: Ordination AnniversaryInside Left: "Behold, my God, I come to adore You, to praise, thank,...
4420 Priest 40th Anniversary Ordination Rose, Cross
Front: Blessings on your 40th Anniversary of OrdinationInside: May God continue to pour out His...
4464 Priest 25th Anniversary, Purple
Front: 25 Anniversary of your Ordination to the PriesthoodInside Right: May the grace and peace...
4468 25th Anniversary of Priestly Embossed Cross
Front: 25th Anniversary of Priestly OrdinationInside: May God continue to bless you with His joy...
51756BA 40th Ordination Anniversary Congratulations, Hosts and Cross
40th Ordination Anniversary Congratulations with Hosts and Cross
52185 Priest Silver, 25th Ordination Anniversary, Ornate Cross
25th Ordination Anniversary Card, Priest Silver, Ornate Cross
52185T Ordination Anniversary Priest, Ornate Cross
Ordination Anniversary Card for Priest, Ornate Cross
3655 Ordination Anniversary Aster
Front: On the Anniversary of your Ordination ...Inside: May you remember all of the many...
4454 Deacon Ordination Anniversary Color
Front: On the Anniversary of your Ordination as a DeaconInside: May God bless you for...
4455 Deacon Ordination Anniversary Cross
Front: To a Special Deacon ~ Congratulations on your Ordination AnniversaryInside Right: Thank you for...