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This For Other Relation subcategory, offers amazing birthday cards for special people like a teacher, a boss, a coach or a girlfriend. Designs with presents, animals, computers and flowers with messages full of good wishes.

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4373 Girlfriend Birthday, Pink and Black Swirls
Front: To my Girlfriend ~ Every day is a little better ...Inside: ... just because...
4372 Girlfriend Birthday Writing in Sand
Front: To my Girlfriend on your birthday. I love youInside: The words you read in...
4371 Girlfriend Birthday Present
Front: On your birthday ...Inside: ... may all the love you've given be returned to...
52073C Teacher Computer Birthday
It is your teacher's birthday, and  this card is great to send from a group....
52073B Boss Computer Birthday from All of Us
Wish your boss happy birthday from the group with this technology based card. Laptops are...
4092A Boss Birthday, Penguin all of Us
What a wonderful card to be sent by a group! "Good wishes from all of...
4092C Coach Birthday, Penguin all of Us
A card about celebration, appreciation and team work. A group of penguins walking together on...