60th - 69th Birthday

Here you have a wonderful selection to browse for your card sending needs, from ages 60 to 69. Balloons, huge cakes full of candles, puppies and more to wish a very happy birthday.

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2690E 60th Birthday Hearts Cake with Hearts, Man
A little man wearing a yellow shirt with a blue tie, holds a huge cake...
2690F 65th Birthday Hearts Cake with Hearts, Man
A celebration day to remember happy memories and have positive thoughts about the past, the...
4038 60th Birthday Balloon
Front: Happy 60th BirthdayInside: You're now officially over the hill! Enjoy your birthday!
4456 60th Birthday Fire Dog
Front: It's your 60th birthday! Call the firedog! Inside: You're now 60 years old, and...
52021 60th Birthday Writing in Sand Seashore