50th - 59th Birthday

Fun and beautiful cards appropriate for a man or a woman from ages 50 – 59. Wish them a very happy birthday with a colorful illustration, a puppy or flowers.

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51942 Son 50th Birthday Humorous Stick Figures
Front: Son, on your 50th Birthday, remember that age is an issue of mind over...
52273AA 50th Birthday Wonderful Woman Watercolor Flowers Religious
Are you ready to celebrate? Religious words with watercolor flowers full of color and beauty....
52040 50th Religious Birthday, Gerber Daisies Flowers
50th birthday card with flower bouquet of gerber daisies.
51941a Brother, 50th Birthday, Frogs with Beer
Front: A toast to my brother on his 50th birthdayInside: Wishing you a "toadily" awesome...
4332 50th Birthday Balloon, Green
Front: Happy 50th BirthdayInside: You're now officially over the hill! Enjoy your birthday!
4330 50th Birthday Pink Shoes
This whimsical card shows shoes in a bright pink celebrating a 50th birthday!
4129 50th Birthday Puppy Running, Funny
Front: It's your 50th Birthday! At the rate you're going ... Inside: ... the years...
2718 50th Birthday Cake
Front: Happy 50th BirthdayInside: Now you have 50 good reasons to celebrate! Enjoy your birthday!...
2715 50th Birthday Women's Shoes
Front: It's your 50th Birthday!Inside: You're still right in step, so enjoy those FABULOUS 50's!...
2693 50th Birthday Fire Dog
Front: It's your 50th birthday! Call the firedog!Inside: You're now 50 years old, and it...
2690D 55th Birthday Hearts Cake with Hearts, Man
A cute cartoon holding a big cake with green candles and a big number fifty-five....
2690C 50th Birthday Hearts Cake with Hearts, Man
This birthday design has a cute cartoon holding a cake showing “50”, and red hearts...