Ages 22 - 100 Birthday

Birthday cards from ages 22 to 100. Cakes, dogs, illustrations, beaches and more. Here you can certainly find a wonderful card for a woman or a man.

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51942 Son 50th Birthday Humorous Stick Figures
Front: Son, on your 50th Birthday, remember that age is an issue of mind over...
2689 75th Birthday Spiral Shell
Front: On your 75th Birthday "We turn not older with years, but newer every day."...
2690 85th Birthday Hearts Whimsical
Front: Happy 85th Birthday!Inside: Here's to a wonderful past present and future! Have a great...
2692 70th Birthday Golden Seashell
Front: 70 is a wonderful ageInside: You must have so many wonderful memories of the...
2693 50th Birthday Fire Dog
Front: It's your 50th birthday! Call the firedog!Inside: You're now 50 years old, and it...
2715 50th Birthday Women's Shoes
Front: It's your 50th Birthday!Inside: You're still right in step, so enjoy those FABULOUS 50's!...
2716 40th Birthday Cake
Front: Happy 40th BirthdayInside: Don't worry. 40 is only a number ... and the larger...
2718 50th Birthday Cake
Front: Happy 50th BirthdayInside: Now you have 50 good reasons to celebrate! Enjoy your birthday!...
2720 80th Birthday Rose
Front: 80th BirthdayInside: Birthdays celebrate the gift of time. We celebrate the gift of you....
2721 85th Birthday Yellow Rose Flower
Front: 85th BirthdayInside: May birthday joys blossom all around you today, and throughout the year!...
2722 90th Birthday Rose
Front: 90th BirthdayInside: ... a beautiful red rose to remind you that love for you...
2723 95th Happy Birthday Orange Rose
Front: 95th BirthdayInside: May this birthday bring you much joy as you remember all of...
2724 100th Birthday Red Rose
Front: 100th Birthday...Inside: ... a beautiful red rose to let you know that love for...
3889 30th Birthday, Ocean Beach Greeting Card
Inside: The writing's in the've hit the big 30! At the rate you're going,...
3825 70th Birthday Flower
Front: On your 70th Birthday ... Take in the beauty of the day, the freshness...