Grandchildren, the joy of our lives. We can sit back and marvel at their unique personalities starting at birth. Although raised by the same parents, we can see just how different they are! Without being in the thick of the day to day, we have a different perspective. I have 7 grandchildren. Yep 7. I feel much too young to be the grandmother of 7, but it’s true. Choosing just the right card  (and in my case designing just the right card) is important to reflect not only their current age, but also their special interests.



z Except this year.

I should have shopped on my own website and found a really good card for my grandson. But instead, I waited until the last minute and had a very busy few days. I never did take the time to select his card much less design a new one like I often do. His gift had no card. A week later, when I had time I made him this one. I sent it to him anyway – late and still let him know how often I think of him! He loves Lego blocks, so I had to make a block card! This card can be easily personalized for any name! Click on the card to see more about it.

Learning to use the Perpetual Calendar was important for me, and the secret of never being late (or almost never) with a card again! You can see the post here to download your free printable perpetual calendar and learn how to use it.

Celebrate uniquely! z

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